TODAY’S SCRIPTURE “while I stretch out, reaching for you, and daily add praise to praise.” (Psalm 71:14 MSG).

Praise is eternal! Praising God in deep worship ought to be continuous. Prayer points end with answers from God but praise has no end. God expects us to have reasons to praise Him on a daily basis. Some believers do not take praise seriously and think praise is for those who do not know how to pray.

You can pray without praise but every praise to God is a prayer point. Whatever you thank God for gets better. Prayer is a wonderful principle in God’s kingdom, but praise is more potent than prayer and if men ought always to pray then men ought always to praise God.

Praises make things happen easily!
Praising God ceaselessly makes you an all time winner and victor! The opening scripture equally says, you have to stretch out reaching for God with praises. Do not be a worshipper of convenience! Stretch yourself to praise Him in high praises. Give God energetic praise, making a joyful noise with all your might.

The praise that pulled down the walls of Jericho was not a mere shout but a great shout. Give God worthy praise daily. Let your praise move God’s power to be released in your situation. Be committed and consistent in giving Him all kinds of praises. Do not be weary as you live a life of praise! Make it a daily affair!

You cannot praise God enough because He daily loads you with benefits.
“I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.” (Psalm 34:1 KJV). Praise unto God is not a one off or occasional experience, it should be exercised with every part of your being. Let His praise continually be in your mouth. Praises should not be done at your convenience but continuously because it is a necessary principle of life.

Dear Lord Jesus I promise to praise you everyday of my life with all of my heart. Amen

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